A Review of the Food and Feed Safety of the Cry1Ac Protein

Agriculture & Food Systems Institute
December 31, 2016

This document provides a comprehensive review of information and data relevant to the assessment of the protein Cry1Ac for food and feed safety. All sources of information reviewed herein are publicly available and include: dossiers presented to regulatory authorities; decision summaries prepared by regulatory authorities; peer reviewed literature; and product summaries prepared by product developers.

The monograph has been peer-reviewed in accordance with Agriculture & Food Systems Institute’s Peer Review Policy for Self-Published Works and is available in:

Suggested format for citation: Agriculture & Food Systems Institute. 2016. A Review of the Food and Feed Safety of the Cry1Ac Protein. Agriculture & Food Systems Institute, Washington DC.

DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.25139.43045

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