9 Crops

212 Analytes

1,245,597 Data Points

The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute’s Crop Composition Database (CCDB) is a curated, open resource that provides data on the natural variability in composition (e.g., nutrients, anti-nutrients, and secondary metabolites) of agriculturally important, conventionally bred crops. These data can be applied to improve overall knowledge of human nutrition, inform the development of diets that promote the healthy growth of livestock, and improve global data sets related to food security and nutrition modeling.

Thanks to support from the CCDB Working Group, Version 7.0 of the database launched on January 7, 2019. This data upload included updated information for all existing crops, a greatly expanded rice data set, as well as data on apple—the first fruit crop to be included in the database!

CCDB 2019 - AFSI
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