Confined Field Trials of Genetically Engineered Plants

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This course provides a comprehensive discussion of risk management methods for confined field trials (CFTs) of genetically engineered (GE) plants and how those methods may be incorporated into a regulatory framework. The course covers the entire CFT process, from initial planning and preparation, through post-harvest monitoring of the trial site. It begins with a discussion of the role that CFTs play in the development of new GE plants and how CFTs are regulated. Later it discusses information requirements for CFT applications, concepts and principles of reproductive isolation, and other management practices to prevent adverse impacts on the environment from the CFT.


You will understand the risk assessment process of confined field trials, the informational needs of regulators who will assess the risks posed by confined field trials, and the various risk management practices commonly employed with confined field trials.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to provide training on three key issues associated with confined field trials of genetically engineered plants:

  • How the risk from a proposed confined field trial can be assessed.
  • How any risks posed by the confined field trial can be effectively managed.
  • How risk management practices can be audited for effectiveness.

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