Protocol for US Fruit and Vegetable Crop Modeling

Zhao C, Stöckle CO, Kruse J et al.
October 1, 2018


Fruits and vegetables are important parts of a healthy, balanced diet in our daily lives. Climate change could impact fruit and vegetable production in the United States (US). Fruit and vegetable production could decline or increase in the current production areas. There could also be opportunities to produce fruit and vegetables in new areas of the US under future climate scenarios. Multi-model simulations (including multi-crop models and statistical models) needed to be conducted for potatoes, tomatoes, sweet corn, green (snap) beans, carrots, spinach, strawberries, and oranges, following standard protocols based on the AgMIP approach and protocols (


To develop a protocol to assess the climate change impact on fruit and vegetable produc- tion and potential adaptations, including possible shifts in production area in the United States.


3.0 (updated January 5, 2021 to add appendices for additional crops)