New Applications of Insecticidal RNAi

Rodrigues TB, Rieske LK, Narva KE, Roberts A, and Vélez AM
Frontiers in Agronomy
May 27, 2022


Modern agriculture is challenged with the need for innovative crop protection technology that will support long term sustainability goals for the environment and ensure food security for the world’s rapidly increasing human population. Insects are responsible for significant crop loss, accounting for approximately 20 percent of loss on a global basis (Oerke and Dehne, 2004). Reduced reliance on synthetic chemical pesticides that may negatively impact pollinators and other beneficial insects is an aim of both private industry and governmental agencies alike. The need for environmentally sound methods of insect control has inspired research into a wide range of bio-based technologies. RNA interference has emerged as a highly effective tool with inherent potential to control a wide range of insects. However, translating this potential to real agricultural applications remains a challenging process. This article is an editorial on the Research Topic: New Applications of Insecticidal RNAi