The Partnership for Biosafety Risk Assessment and Regulation: External Evaluation

Persley G
July 31, 2015

The Partnership for Biosafety Risk Assessment and Regulation (PBRAR) is one of the few biotechnology and biosafety programs that has successfully created bridges between the agricultural sector and the environmental sector.  Strong program leadership by the Director of the Center for Environmental Risk Assessment and senior technical and communications staff leading the PBRAR’s various activities contributed to the success of the program.

The goal of the PBRAR was to enable partner country stakeholders to better promote harmonization and rationalization of biosafety regulations in their countries.  This goal was not only met but resulted in:

  • two OECD consensus documents on the biology of cassava and common bean, important tools that will be used inform risk assessments;
  • 26 national and regional workshops focusing on biosafety, risk assessment, and regulatory harmonization;
  • technical support and training of over 600 biosafety regulators, risk assessors and other scientists;
  • and two online training courses on relevant biosafety topics.

Read the final evaluation report from Dr. Gabrielle Persley about the PBRAR.

Download the report here.