October 2007 Workshop Background Paper on Sampling and Detection Methods

Bridges AR
January 1, 2007

Information on the need for harmonization, current analytical method activities (and implementation), and an indication of the various organizations’ short and long-term research activities was gathered primarily by interviewing representatives within each of the agencies and laboratories with a responsibility for and ongoing activities in the development of GM methods, standardization, international communications, and implementation of regulations. Active private groups in Canada, Mexico, and the US were also invited to contribute.

This report represents a unique survey of the present status of these activities in the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) region. It also served as background to a workshop organized by IFBiC on October 2007 to foster discussions among the regulatory bodies within NAFTA countries on approaches to the validation and harmonization of analytical methods for crops derived from modern biotechnology.

Background Paper – English Version
Background Paper – Portuguese Version
Background Paper – Spanish Version