¡Miranos! (Look at Us! We Are Healthy!): Home-Based and Parent Peer-Led Childhood Obesity Prevention

UK-US Taskforce on Extreme Weather and Global Food System Resilience, The Global Food Security Programme, UK
August 14, 2015

Abstract: This report originates from a Taskforce of academics, industry and policy experts to examine the resilience of the global food system to extreme weather events. The Taskforce was brought together by the UK’s Global Food Security programme and was jointly commissioned by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and UK Government Science and Innovation Network. This Synthesis report on Extreme weather and resilience of the global food system, sits in the context of three detailed sub reports on Climate and global production shocks, Review of the responses to food production shocks and Country level impacts of Global Production Shocks. There is also an overall Extreme weather and resilience of the global food system summary report. The contents of these reports are based upon workshop discussions held at Willis Tower, Chicago in October 2014 and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, London in February 2015 (see Appendix for a full list).

Download complete report here.