IVACG: Status of the Studies on Vitamin A and HIV

Alnwick D, Arthur P, Dary O, Davidson F, Mejia L, Reddy V, Smitasiri S, Sommer A, West C, West K
August 31, 2000

Abstract: Established in 1975, the International Vitamin A Consultative Group (IVACG) guides international activities for reducing vitamin A deficiency in the world. IVACG concentrates its efforts on stimulating and disseminating new knowledge, translating that new knowledge to enable its practical application, and providing authoritative policy statements and recommendations that others can use to develop appropriate prevention and control programs. Despite the lack of evidence that vitamin A supplementation can reduce vertical transmission of HIV, there is still an enormous burden of morbidity and mortality related to vitamin A deficiency in sub- Saharan Africa and other areas of the developing world. Control of vitamin A deficiency remains an important health intervention.

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