Get Healthy Together: USDA Final Report

Fuller J, Kibbe D, Lockner D, Marley S, Trowbridge F
December 31, 2012

Abstract: Get Healthy Together is one of five WIC special project grants supported in 2007 by USDA Food and Nutrition Service as part of the “Fit WIC 2” initiative. Within the theme Revitalizing Quality Nutrition Services, these special projects focused on mechanisms within WIC to address childhood obesity. The study was undertaken by a partnership of New Mexico WIC, the University of New Mexico and the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute (AFSI), a non-profit public health research organization. The study evaluated the impact of pediatric obesity counseling self-efficacy and client satisfaction associated with the provision of augmented counseling tools, counseling skills training, and a personal wellness promotion for WIC staff in New Mexico.

Download the final report here.