Biosafety Regulation and Processes in Bangladesh: A Guide for Researchers in Agricultural Biotechnology

Islam A and Roberts A (Contributors)
Biosafety Resource Book Series
November 19, 2020

The first volume in the Biosafety Resource Book Series, this booklet is part of the South Asia Biosafety Program’s capacity development interventions and aims to inform researchers about the prevailing regulatory administrative system of Bangladesh. It also outlines the regulatory processes functioning at different stages of research and development of GE crops. Under the present biosafety regime, it is crucial to follow these steps to take the GE research outcomes from the laboratory to the field and subsequently, to the farmers. The first chapter of this booklet gives an overview of the biosafety regulations in Bangladesh. The second chapter outlines different issues that need to be considered at the beginning of an agricultural biotechnology project. It is followed by a description of the different steps in an application to conduct laboratory work on GE crops (Chapter 3). The final chapter (Chapter 4) deals with the application process for the cultivation of GE crops in confined field trials, as well as release for field cultivation.