Assessing Sustainable Nutrition Security: The Role of Food Systems

Acharya T, Fanzo J, Gustafson D, Ingram J, Schneeman B
June 1, 2014

Abstract: This working paper aims to develop and test quantitative metrics and integrated models for assessing how the nutritional content of food consumed (as opposed to just the caloric content of food produced) contributes to the ‘nutrient’ security aspects of sustainable nutrition security (SNS). Work will include all of the world’s most important staple and non-staple foods to ensure the proper macro- and micronutrient availability. However, before such models can be developed, the principal domains of SNS need to be defined and the appropriate metrics need to be identified and developed. Exploring the key domains of SNS is the primary purpose of this document.

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Suggested format for citation: Acharya, T. et al. June 2014. Assessing Sustainable Nutrition Security: The Role of Food Systems. The International Life Sciences Institute, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute, Center for Integrated Modeling of Sustainable Agriculture and Nutrition. Washington, DC. Accessible at: