US Food Security and Climate Change: Agricultural Futures

Takle ES, Gustafson D, Beachy R, Neslon GC, Mason-D'Croz D, Palazzo A
February 22, 2013

Economics. 2013;7(2013-34):1-41

Abstract: Agreement is developing among agricultural scientists on the emerging inability of agriculture to meet growing global food demands. The lack of additional arable land and availability of freshwater have long been constraints on agriculture. However, the increased frequency of extreme and unpredictable weather events, in a manner consistent with the changes predicted by global climate models, is expected to exacerbate the global food challenge as we move toward the middle of the 21st century. These climate- and constraint-driven crop production challenges are interconnected within a complex global economy, where diverse factors add to price volatility and food scarcity. The present report projects the impact of climate change on food security through the year 2050.

A PDF of the full article is available here.