Layla Tarar

What inspires you? What drives your work?

Having lived on four continents and adapted to the norms of seven countries, I remain in awe of the power of digital media to bridge culture and language, connecting the world’s inhabitants so ideas can flow and alter. Words and visual media shape perception. The presentation of information alters action and outcome. I would like to play my part in helping science transcend borders and preconceptions, supporting people across the world in their search for data, knowledge, and training.

What do you hope to accomplish with your work?

Since I manage AFSI’s e-learning program and support the institute’s training initiatives, I am always looking for new ways to deliver the institute’s content to a wider audience. The technological landscape changes every day, so I am forever finding more efficient and impactful ways to reach people around the world.

How are you using your expertise to advance AFSI’s mission?

As manager of the communications and digital learning portfolio, I have the opportunity to apply my love of writing and visual content creation to improve the distribution of AFSI’s scientific program outputs. With its focus on sustainability, nutrition, and resilience, the institute allows me to play a small part in fostering a better world through science.

What impact will that have on people's lives?

The more people have access to accurate information and relevant training, the easier it will be for us as a society to make the most out of our impressive technological strides. Well-informed people are more likely to make better decisions, and ones equipped with the tools and knowledge to carry out those decisions are better poised to succeed.

What's the best part about working at AFSI?

I have a lot of freedom to explore new tools, and it is always fun to find different ways to showcase AFSI’s research and resources.

What are you most proud of?

When I first joined AFSI as a communications associate in 2017, the institute was on the verge of outgrowing the system housing its online biosafety and food safety courses. I saw an opportunity to better integrate these resources into the organization’s website, while improving user experience, gaining efficiency, and significantly decreasing recurring costs. Despite being very new to the organization, I was given the opportunity to research different learning management systems and put forward a proposal to migrate the courses. Later, armed with support from all my colleagues, I was given the latitude and resources necessary to turn my proposal into reality. While I emerged from the project having learned far more about WordPress development than I had perhaps cared to, AFSI’s e-learning platform remains one of my proudest achievements, both professionally and personally.