Agriculture & Food Systems Institute and Food and Agriculture Global Practice, World Bank was very pleased to co-organize the scientific symposium: Protected Production of Fruits and Vegetables for Nutrition Security in Urban and Peri-Urban Environments. Fruits and vegetables play an essential role in nutritious diets and are key to addressing health and nutritional challenges. Increasing productivity to meet growing demand is challenged by the impacts of climate change and competition for essential natural resources. Ensuring the sustainability of the fruit and vegetable supply cannot be achieved without implementation of climate smart adaptation and mitigation interventions.

Ranging from inexpensive, simple polytunnels to high-cost, high-technology production platforms, protected systems for fruit and vegetable production offer viable alternatives to rainfed, open-field cultivation of these high value, nutritious crops. Protected cultivation, particularly in low and middle income countries, has been proposed as a way to adapt production to climate volatility while also increasing supply. However, protected cultivation techniques are not suitable to all climatic conditions, or all fruit and vegetable crops. Startup costs can be prohibitive, particularly for small-holders, and profitability requires higher quality and yields, access to markets, and/or higher selling prices.

This scientific symposium explored how protected cultivation of fruits and vegetables can be used to provide a reliable, affordable, and sustainably produced supply of nutrient dense foods, with an emphasis on production opportunities in urban and peri-urban settings.



Erick Fernandes, Ph.D.

As Global Lead - Technology, Innovation and Climate Smart Agriculture at the World Bank Group, Dr. Erick Fernandes is focused on designing and managing climate resilient landscapes across the World Bank's agriculture investments portfolio with cross cutting linkages to the environment, urban-rural-social, and water investments. His professional career has been dedicated to facilitating global food security, sustainable livelihoods for farmers, and the conservation of natural resources and ecosystems services to ensure the equitable and sustainable development of societies globally. Dr. Fernandes has 35 years of agriculture and natural resource management experience in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and North Africa, and South Asia. He holds a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in Quantitative Biology & Analytical Biochemistry from Hertfordshire University (England), a BSc in Forestry from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland), and a PhD in Soil Science & Agronomy from North Carolina State University (USA).

Morven McLean, Ph.D.
Elizabeth Mitcham, Ph.D.
Eija Pehu, Ph.D.
Mark W. Rosegrant, Ph.D.
Richard Rosen, Ph.D.
Gordon Prain, Ph.D.
Geeta Sethi, Ph.D.
Greg Thoma, Ph.D.
Juergen Voegele, Ph.D.
Jacques Wery, Ph.D.
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