Prof. Dr. M. Mahfujul Haque

Associate Director


Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Hadi Noor Ali Khan

BAU Research System (BAURES)


Prof. Dr. Lutful Hassan

Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)


Prof. Dr. Md. Jasimuddin Khan

Pro Vice-Chancellor

Agriculture & Food Systems Institute Staff Andrew Roberts

Dr. Andrew Roberts

Vice President
Agriculture & Food Systems Institute (AFSI)


Prof. Dr. Aparna Islam

Country Manager
South Asia Biosafety Program


Prof. Dr. Arif Hasan Khan Robin

Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding, BAU



Starting in the mid-1990s, universities and research institutes in Bangladesh have been developing genetically engineered (GE) crops to ensure the country's food security by combating climate change, pests, and diseases. To encourage the safe use of modern biotechnology for humans, animals, and the environment, the Government of Bangladesh has developed a biosafety regime, taking into consideration global conventions and protocols. This biosafety system requires all GE crops to go through safety assessments prior to reaching farmers and consumers. Since 2005, the South Asia Biosafety Program (SABP) has been working with the Government of Bangladesh to develop and implement biosafety regulations, manuals, and assessment guidelines. Capacity development is a crucial part of this biosafety regime, as it improves compliance by present and future researchers in the field of biotechnology.

About the Webinar Series

Under the guidance of Dr. Aparna Islam, SABP is organizing a series of webinars in collaboration with various universities in Bangladesh, including those outside of Dhaka, which aims to facilitate knowledge on biosafety among researchers and students of biotechnology, biochemistry and molecular biology, botany, and genetic engineering, both to help them navigate the biosafety system as researchers, and to expand the pool of interested scientists that can serve as resources to help inform the biosafety process. Prior to this webinar, six webinars have been organized jointly with Sher-E-Bangla Agriculture University, Jahangirnagar University, Dhaka University, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Agricultural University (BSMRAU), National Institute of Biotechnology, and Sylhet Agricultural University (SAU).

The seventh webinar in the series, Biosafety Regulatory Requirements in Agricultural Biotechnology took place on October 5, 2020. Organized jointly with Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), the online event facilitated a discussion about the biosafety regulatory framework in Bangladesh and the procedures that need to be followed when doing research. This webinar aimed to help students, early career researchers, and faculty members from various departments better understand the regulatory system and improve their effectiveness at implementing biosafety in their academic and professional careers. Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Hadi Noor Ali Khan, Director, BAU Research System chaired the event, Prof. Dr. Lutful Hassan, Vice-Chancellor, BAU served as Chief Guest, and Prof. Dr. Md. Jasimuddin Khan, Pro Vice-Chancellor, BAU, served as Special Guest. The program included a Welcome Address by Prof. Dr. M. Mahfujul Haque, Associate Director, BAURES, as well as presentations from Dr. Andrew Roberts, Vice President, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute and Prof. Dr. Aparna Islam, Country Manager, South Asia Biosafety Program. Prof. Dr. Arif Hasan Khan Robin from the Department of of Genetics & Plant Breeding, BAU moderated the discussion session.


06:30 pm Welcome Address
Prof. Dr. M. Mahfujul Haque
Associate Director, BAURES
06:35 pm Speech by the Chair
Prof. Dr. Md. Abu Hadi Noor Ali Khan
Director, BAURES
06:40 pm Speech by the Chief Guest
Prof. Dr. Lutful Hassan
Vice-Chancellor, BAU
06:45 pm Speech by the Special Guest
Prof. Dr. Md. Jasimuddin Khan
Pro Vice-Chancellor, BAU
06:50 pm Keynote Presentation: Biosafety of Genetically Engineered Organisms
Dr. Andrew Roberts
Vice President, AFSI
07:10 pm Biosafety Requirements in Agricultural Biotechnology in Bangladesh
Prof. Dr. Aparna Islam, Ph.D.
Country Manager, SABP
07:30 pm Open Discussion
Prof. Dr. Arif Hasan Khan Robin (moderator)
Professor, Department of Genetics & Plant Breeding, BAU
08:15 pm Adjourn


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