Building off the Phase I three-day technical training program held in August in Bogor, Indonesia, the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute organized a five-day training program at the Stine Haskell Research Facility in Wilmington, DE to observe how food and feed safety assessment data is collected in the laboratory.

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Find out what participants are saying about Phase II: 

of survey responders found the workshop useful in their current position

“This workshop was very useful for my position as a member of the technical team for feed safety assessment.”

“The information provided in the workshop was important for me as a member of the feed safety assessment team.”

“It helped me gain a more comprehensive understanding on technical aspects of biosafety assessment leading to hopefully a more scientifically sound judgement when evaluating dossiers.”

of survey responders found the length of the workshop was just right

As a complement to in-person training, participants were encouraged to take food safety e-Learning courses as part of this program.

“As an introduction before training, it made it easy to understand and follow most of the topics presented during the workshop.”

“The e-Learning course was very excellent to prepare for the course and widen the knowledge before the course.”

“It gives participants basic concepts and understandings and facilitated receiving advanced materials given in the workshop.”

of survey responders would recommend this workshop to others

“All presentations were very relevant with our need for food/feed safety assessment… simple but so clear and easy to understand.”

“Very interesting and useful topics.”

“All the equipment for experiments are excellent.”

 “Very useful because we can see the real testing and facilities.”

Learn more about the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute’s program on GE food and feed safety.

Learn about Phase I in August 2017. 

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