The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute and ILSI Japan co-organized a workshop on November 7 in Tokyo. Building on previous collaborations related to the risk assessment of products of modern biotechnology, this workshop focused on topics relevant to the environmental risk assessment of GE plants. Dr. Andrew Roberts, Deputy Executive Director, delivered a presentation on approaches to facilitate data transportability for the purpose of ERA. Other speakers shared how data transportability is addressed in the European Union, Argentina, and Japan.


Opening Remarks
Mr. Takuji Yasukawa, ILSI Japan, Japan

Identifying a Surrogate Environment to Facilitate Data Transportability for ERA
Dr. Andrew Roberts, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute, USA

Data Transportability of Confined Field Trials (CFTs) in the European Union for Import Approval
Dr. Adinda De Schrijver, Sciensano, Belgium

Discussion of Data Transportability in Argentina
Dr. Facundo Vesprini, Dirección de Biotecnología-Ministerio de Agroindustria, Argentina

Agronomic Characterization for Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Engineered Maize: Transportability Across Regions and Applicability to Breeding Stacks
Dr. Shuichi Nakai, Bayer CropScience, Japan

Current Status of Data Transportability in Japan
Dr. Ryo Ohsawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Basic Understanding of Weediness/Invasiveness to Identify Key Evaluation Items for Assessment Endpoint
Dr. Shunji Kurokawa, National Agriculture and Food Research Organization (NARO), Japan

Data Transportability of CFT Data to Assess Competitive Superiority Considering Host Crop Characteristics
Dr. Hidetoshi Goto, ILSI Japan & Bayer Crop Science, Japan

Panel Discussion
Moderator: Dr. Ryo Ohsawa, University of Tsukuba, Japan

Closing Remarks
Dr. Shinobu Sato, University of Tsukuba, Japan

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