International Conference on Climate Change and Implications for Water Resources and Nutrition Security

    November 15, 2013-November 16, 2013
    Bangalore, India

ILSI India and the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute organized a conference on the effect of climate change on water resources and food production in South Asia. The event, co-sponsored by the Government of India’s Ministry of Earth Scientists, Ministry of Environment and Forest, and Indian Council of Agricultural Research, brought together experts from throughout India’s scientific community and North American specialists in climate change.


Part I: Climate Change Science

Overview Of Climate Change: Causes Consequences and Their Mitigation
Dr. Dave Gustafson 

The Impact Of Intensified Irrigation On The Indian Monsoon and Moisture Transport
Dr. Sonali McDermid

Modeling Climate Change Impacts on Regional Water Resources
Dr. P. P. Mujumdar

Variability of Precipitation And Precipitation Effectiveness over India
Prof. Sulochna Gadgil

Snow and Glacial Influences on Water Resources and Stream Flow
Dr. Sanjay K. Jain

Climate Change and Its Impact On Water Resources of A River Basin in India
Dr. Nagesh Kumar

Soil and Water Conservation Vis-À-Vis Climate Change for Sustainable Food Production
Dr. P.K. Mishra

PART II: Adaptation To Climate Change

Increased Flood and Flood Management
Dr. R. D. Singh

Drought and Drought Management
Dr. Jagdish Rane

Early Flood Warning Systems
Dr. Thomas Pagano

Addressing Climate Change in Long Term Water Resource Plans
Dr. Francis Chung

Strom Water Flood Modeling in the Sub Basin of Chennai Corporation, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India
Dr. YRS Rao

Adapting Urban Water Supplies to Climate Change: An Australian Experience
Dr. Shiroma Maheepala

Water Availability and Traditional Knowledge Based Adaptation to Climate Change
Dr. Pradip Dey

Emergence of New Pathogens and Viruses and Algae
Dr. D. Rathnamma

Surveillance, Monitoring, Water Quality Design: Safe Drinking Water Supply –WSP
Dr. J.K Bassin

Impact of Climate Change on Agricultural Systems and Adaptation Responses
Dr. Mark Rosegrant

Private Sector Efforts to Manage Water Resources in Face of Climate Change
Mr. Deepak Jolly

Multi-Stakeholder Partnerships to Improve Nutrition Security
Dr. Mohammed Oufattole

Indirect Impacts: Pests and Diseases, Weeds And Others, Crop Improvement
Dr. Vellingiri Geethalakshmi

Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Agriculture
Dr. T Jayaraman

Climate Change and Indian Agriculture: Impacts, Adaptation and Mitigation
Dr. B Venkateswarlu

Crop Genetic Diversity for Climate Resilient Agriculture
Dr. K C Bansal

New Technologies for Crop Irrigation with Special Reference to Rice Cultivation
Dr. Reiner Wassmann

Climate Change: Strategies of Adaptation And Mitigation in Rainfed Agriculture in Relation to Water Management in Andhra Pradesh
Dr. K. Sreenivas Reddy

Integrated Modeling of Overall Productivity
Dr. N Subash

Simulating Agricultural Processes with Crop Models
Dr. Naveen Kalra

Satellite Remote Sensing for Climate Variability / Change Studies Status and Scope
Dr. M. V.R. Sesh Sai

Groundwater Issues, Remediation And Modeling and Wastewater Management
Dr. N.C Ghosh

Modeling Impact of Agricultural Water Management Interventions on Watershed Hydrology and Various Ecosystem Services
Kaushal K. Garg