Food Systems, Nutrition and Health in a Changing Environment

    April 21, 2017
    Chicago, IL, USA

The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute was pleased to participate in “Food systems, nutrition and health in a changing environment: A workshop to build connections to address global priorities” on April 21, 2017. This workshop, scheduled prior to Experimental Biology 2017, explored the intersection of food production, human nutrition and health in the global response to climate/environmental change, and developed strategies to facilitate research in this arena.

The program built upon a symposium held in 2016, Food Systems for Public Health: Impact of Meeting Fruit/Vegetable Consumption Recommendations on Environmental, Economic and Agricultural Sustainability, and draws upon the American Society for Nutrition’s Research Priorities as well as the research questions identified in the 2015 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee report. Sessions:

  • Provided an overview of the interactions related to food systems (land and marine) and nutrition and how they impact public health
  • Presented research,  research gaps and ideas related to the intersection of nutrition,  public health and sustainable food systems
  • Explored pitfalls and potential solutions to developing programs that integrate human health, the environment and the food system, including facilitated discussion to address the primary impediments to an integrated approach to global health, the environment and agriculture
  • Developed approaches to engage all relevant stakeholders to create the critical mass needed to move a responsive agenda forward

To view the final agenda and find out more information, please visit the conference website.

Who attended?

Stakeholders from government, industry, academia and non-governmental organizations were invited to participate.