Dr. Andrew Roberts, Deputy Executive Director, delivered the presentation The Global Perspective on ERA Regulations for GE Crops and Insects at the Section Symposium: Environmental Risk Assessment of Genetically Modified Crops and Insects - Lessons Learned from the Past and Next Steps in a Changing World, which took place during the 2018 Entomoloagy Society of America Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

More detailed information about the session is available on the Entomological Society of America website.


Introductory Remarks
Tony Shelton, Cornell University (Organizer)
Jörg Romeis, Agroscope (Organizer)
Ana Maria Velez, University of Nebraska (Organizer)

Evolution of Environmental Risk Assessment for GM Crops
Paul Jepson, Oregon State University

Assessing the Risk of Bt Crops to Arthropod Natural Enemies: A Tri-Trophic Perspective
Steven Naranjo, USDA - ARS
Tony Shelton, Cornell University
Junce Tian, Zhejiang University
Jörg Romeis, Agroscope
Richard Hellmich, USDA - ARS

Systematically Reviewing Non-Target Effects of Bt Maize on Arthropods in Field Studies: Pitfalls and Opportunities of Meta-Analysis
Michael Meissle, Agroscope
Steven Naranjo, USDA - ARS
Jörg Romeis, Agroscope

Risk Assessment of RNAi and Gene Editing in Pest Management
Ana Velez, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Gene Drive: An Overview for Pest Management
Timothy Harvey-Samuel, Pirbright Institute

Role of Population Modification in the Malaria Eradication Agenda
Anthony James and Rebeca Carballar-Lejarazú, University of California, Irvine

The US System for Regulating GE Organisms in Agriculture
Lisa Knolhoff, USDA - APHIS

The Global Perspective on ERA Regulations for GE Crops and Insects
Andrew F. Roberts, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute

The Cornell-Oxitec Project: The First Release of Self-Limiting Insects in North America
Tony Shelton, Cornell University
Neil Morrison, Oxitec Ltd.

Fall Armyworm in Africa: Can GE Technologies Be Part of the Solution?
Joseph E. Huesing and Regina Eddy, United States Agency for International Development

Biological Control of Human Diseases and Crop Pests with GM Insects
Brad Shurdut, Intrexon Corporation
Neil Morrison, Oxitec Ltd.
Catherine Reavey, Oxitec Ltd.

Managing GM Crop Dominated Landscapes: Case of the Monarch Butterfly
Richard Hellmich, USDA - ARS

Panel Discussion

Abstract & Presentation
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