Dr. Andrew Roberts, Deputy Executive Director, delivered the presentation Environmental Risk Assessment of Gene Drive Insects at the Section Symposium: Gene Drive: 21st Century Genetic Control of Agricultural and Public Health Pests, which took place during the 2018 Entomology Society of America Annual Meeting in Vancouver, Canada.

More detailed information about the session is available on the Entomological Society of America website


Introductory Remarks
David A. O'Brochta, Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (Organizer)
Blair D. Siegfried, University of Florida (Organizer)
Scott T. O'Neal, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Moderator)
Peter D. Jensen, Monsanto Company (Moderator)

Natural Selfish Genetic Elements and Gene Drive - Their Relevance to Evolution
Gerald S. Wilkinson, University of Maryland
Kimberly Paczolt, University of Maryland
Josephine Reinhardt, University of New York

Engineered Gene Drives - Types and Mechanisms
Omar Akbari, University of California, San Diego

Gene Drives for Public Health - Modifying Vector Populations
Rebeca Carballar-Lejarazú, University of California, Irvine

Gene Drive Performance - Insights from Modeling
Alun Lloyd, North Carolina State University

Gene Drives for Agricultural Insect Control
Max Scott, North Carolina State University

Ethics, Social, and Community Considerations Raised by Gene Drives
Claudia Emerson and Aaron Roberts, McMaster University

Environmental Risk Assessment of Gene Drive Insects
Andrew F. Roberts, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute

Gene Drives for Public Health - Suppressing Vector Populations
Austin Burt, Imperial College of London
Tony Nolan, Imperial College of London

Abstract & Presentation
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