c-questlogoThe Agriculture & Food Systems Institute, together with Monsanto Company, Soil Health Partnership, Washington University in St. Louis, Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, Howard G. Buffett Foundation and the United States Department of Agriculture, organized a two-day workshop in October 2016 focusing on developing research targets for supporting agricultural goals that: support achievement of USDA’s “building blocks” for climate smart agriculture; integrate existing US Midwest field research networks for climate adaptation; and develop a research agenda to achieve a “carbon-neutral” agri-food system in the US through a focus on soil carbon and soil health, including validation of soil carbon protocols.


News Release


Dr. Goeser Cquest2016

Dr. Nick Goeser

Soil Health Partnership


Mr. William Hohenstein

US Department of Agriculture

Dr. Mike Lohuis CQuest2016

Dr. Mike Lohuis

Monsanto Company

Dr. Lutfalla CQuest 2016

Dr. Suzanne Lutfalla

Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA)

Dr. Chris Novak CQuest 2016

Dr. Chris Novak

National Corn Growers Association

Dr. Himadri Pakrasi CQuest2016

Dr. Himadri Pakrasi


Dr. Keith Paustian CQuest 2016

Dr. Keith Paustian

Colorado State University

Dr. Bob Reiter CQuest 2016

Dr. Bob Reiter

Monsanto Company

Dr. Charles W. Rice CQuest 2016

Dr. Charles W. Rice

Kansas State University

Dr. Sally Rockey, CQuest 2016

Dr. Sally Rockey

Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

Dr. Barbara Schaal CQuest 2016

Dr. Barbara Schaal

Washington University and the American Association for the Advancement of Sciences

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