Climate Change, Nutrition and Health

    July 1, 2016
    9:00 am - 12:00 pm
    Le Corum
    Montpellier, France

The Agricultural Model Intercomparison and Improvement Project (AgMIP) is a major international effort linking the climate, crop, and economic modeling communities with cutting-edge information technology to produce improved crop and economic models and the next generation of climate impact projections for the agricultural sector, including impacts to food and nutrition security. To date, there is not enough dialogue, interaction and collaboration between the nutrition and climate change communities, despite an increased recognition that nutrition is central to agriculture and food security.

Following the 6th Global AgMIP Workshop, a special session co-organized by the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute was held on July 1, 2016 focusing on nutrition, health and climate change. This session highlighted some gaps in the disciplines as well as areas for collaboration and research.


An Introduction to the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute
Dr. Adam Drewnowski, Chair of Agriculture & Food Systems Institute’s Board of Trustees

Food System Metrics for Quantifying Nutrition and Sustainability Outcomes
Dr. Dave Gustafson, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute

Session 4.8 Sustainable Nutrition Security
Dr. Dave Gustafson, Agriculture & Food Systems Institute

Seasonal Hunger and Household Nutrition
Dr. Leigh Anderson, University of Washington

Epidemiology and Diet Modeling to Identify More Sustainable Food Choices in France
Dr. Nicole Darmon, INRA