Workshop on Development and Challenges for Agricultural Biotechnology

    May 17, 2017
    Beijing, China

The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute together with ILSI Focal Point in China, the National Institute for Nutrition and Health at China CDC, and the Chinese Society of Agricultural Biotechnology organized a one-day workshop focused on the food safety of foods derived from genetically engineered crops. This technical workshop was geared towards scientists, regulators, and representatives from the biotechnology and food sector.

Chaired by Prof. Chen Junshi, ILSI Focal Point in China and Prof. Peng Yufa, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences, this workshop featured sessions on:

  • Socioeconomic and environmental considerations for adoption of biotechnology
  • Addressing challenges and misconceptions
  • Regulatory developments and resources for safety assessment

To learn more about the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute’s GE food safety program, click here.