3rd Consortium Meeting on Multiple Nutrients Fortification of Rice

    December 15, 2016-December 16, 2016
    New Delhi, India

Overview: Established by the ILSI Japan Center for Health Promotion (CHP), this consortium meeting highlighted the progress of rice fortification efforts in the Philippines, Vietnam and India. The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute presented on the Feasibility Study of Rice Fortification Technologies in Africa to attendees representing academia, government and the private sector.

Program: The meeting featured sessions on Market Introduction of Fortified Rice and Lysine Fortification. Presentations included:

  • Observations on Micronutrient Deficiencies  in India and Government Initiatives
  • Introduction of Iron Fortified Rice In The Philippines
  • Consumer Acceptability of Iron and Zinc Fortified Rice in Vietnam
  • Significance of Lysine Fortification
  • Estimation of Lysine Intake in The Philippines
  • Lysine Intake Survey and Opportunities for  Improving Lysine Intake in India
  • Feasibility Study of Rice Fortification Technologies in Africa
  • Japanese Initiative on Private Public Platform for Improving Nutrition

Outcomes: Visit the CHP website to learn more.