3rd Consortium Meeting on Multiple Nutrients Fortification of Rice

    December 15, 2016-December 16, 2016
    New Delhi, India

Established by the ILSI Japan Center for Health Promotion (CHP), this consortium meeting highlighted the progress of rice fortification efforts in the Philippines, Vietnam and India. The Agriculture & Food Systems Institute presented on the Feasibility Study of Rice Fortification Technologies in Africa to attendees representing academia, government and the private sector.

The meeting featured sessions on Market Introduction of Fortified Rice and Lysine Fortification. Presentations included:

  • Observations on Micronutrient Deficiencies  in India and Government Initiatives
  • Introduction of Iron Fortified Rice In The Philippines
  • Consumer Acceptability of Iron and Zinc Fortified Rice in Vietnam
  • Significance of Lysine Fortification
  • Estimation of Lysine Intake in The Philippines
  • Lysine Intake Survey and Opportunities for  Improving Lysine Intake in India
  • Feasibility Study of Rice Fortification Technologies in Africa
  • Japanese Initiative on Private Public Platform for Improving Nutrition

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