Crop Composition Database (CCDB) Working Group Virtual Face-To-Face Meeting

    November 11, 2021-November 12, 2021
    Washington, DC, USA

The Crop Composition Database (CCDB) is an open access database providing information on the natural variability in composition of conventionally grown food and feed crops. Nutritional composition studies that assess similarities and differences of levels of important nutrients and anti-nutrients are an essential part of the safety assessment of new crop varieties that are used as food and feed. It is important to understand the purpose of the data and its context in the safety assessment. The CCDB contains composition data obtained from field trials that have been conducted over a number of years across several geographical locations.

The database is owned and managed by the Agriculture & Food Systems Institute with expert advice from a group of crop composition subject matter experts constituting the CCDB Working Group. The Working Group meets every month to discuss data uploads for existing and new crops, current datasets, outreach events, and possible improvements to the database. In addition, the Working Group meets face-to-face annually. This year’s annual meeting was on November 11-12, 2021 and took place in a virtual format. As the next iteration of the CCDB is planned for release in 2021, the main agenda item for the virtual face-to-face meeting was the collective drafting of a report on the latest version. The purpose of the publication is to describe to stakeholders, in detail, the entire process of inclusion of composition data in the CCDB and to underscore the robustness of the CCDB as a repository of high-quality crop compositional data.

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